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World Football Leagues: Kosovo

Kosovo Football League Champions – Raiffeisen Superliga – from season 2007-08 to season 2017-18. Clubs from Kosovo participated in the Yugoslavian & Serbian Leagues from 1923 to 2006. Kosovo was admitted to UEFA and FIFA on 3 May 2016.

World Football Leagues: Kosovo

YearMontenegro Champions
2007FK Zeta
2008FK Budućnost
2009FK Mogren
2010FK Rudar Pljevlja
2011FK Mogren
2012FK Budućnost
2013FK Sutjeska Niksic
2014FK Sutjeska Niksic
2015FK Rudar Pljevlja
2016OFK Titograd
2017FK Budućnost
2018FK Sutjeska Niksic

Kosovo Football Champions by Club

Montenrgrin Champions (6 Clubs)
3FK Budućnost
3FK Sutjeska Niksic
2FK Mogren
2FK Rudar Pljevlja
1FK Zeta
1OFK Titograd
12Total Champions
Yugoslavia/Serbia 1923-2006
Premijer Liga 2017-18 (Pts)
79Sutjeska Nikšić (C)
57Budućnost Podgorica
51Mladost Podgorica
49Rudar Pljevlja
45Iskra Danilovgrad
43Kom (R)
38Petrovac (O)
21Dečić (R)



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