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Founded on 15th of April 2009, MyFootballFacts is a leading provider of football stats, football history, football quiz questions.   The site has its origins with the Owner and Editor, who collected data about Tottenham Hotspur for decades. This data was later transferred over to excel files in 1995 and the collection expanded to include football competitions from England and around the world. MyFootballFacts covers all aspects of “The Beautiful Game” from the very first FA Cup matches in 1871-72 right up to today’s National and International football/soccer competitions from all over the world. You can find records on English Premier League, Champions League, European competitions, World Cup, Football League,  Southern League, FA Cup, League Cup, Non-League and World Football Leagues. Question of the Day  starting from February 2011, is now a collection of over 3000 football quiz questions based on MyFootballFacts rich source of football statistics, football history and football trivia.  The Football Quiz Question collection is very popular with professionals and football fans for the creation of football quizzes and pub quiz questions. The current mobile friendly site has football quiz questions from 2017. The historic.myfootballfacts.com website has football quiz questions from 2011 to 2016.

Content from the original site was transferred to MyFootballFacts new mobile friendly site, which you are now visiting. The menu is divided into the  Home Page and 6 categories, each having related sub-categories: Premier League; England Football; UEFA; FIFA Competitions; World Football; Articles; Trivia Q&A

Premier League is comprised of Premier League by Season ; All-time Premier LeaguePremier League by Clubs; Former Premier League by Clubs

England Football is comprised of England National Football Team ; English Domestic FootballEnglish Football Pyramid System; FA Cup Results;  Football League Cup and  Football League

FIFA Competitions is comprised of FIFA All-Time World Cup; FIFA U-20 World Cup ; FIFA World Cup by Year The last FIFA World Cup Finals is given special recognition. The 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup is found on FIFA  ALL-Time World Cup.

World Football is comprised of Asian Football; CONCACAF Records; Legendary Players; Olympic FootballScottish Football; World Football Leagues; Israel Football

Go to our Article page for featured football stories and betting advice from around the world. Our most notable sports writer is Brian Beard one of the longest serving freelance Sky Sports football reporter, having covered over 1,200 games.

Myfootballfacts is a media seller and often contacted by media buyers for football associated advertising.

Test yourself and your friends football knowledge with our collection of football quiz questions from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The full histories of domestic leagues from over 100 different countries are included with chronological lists of League Champions, tables of League Championships won by clubs and the current League tables. Summaries of these Leagues and a table of every club to have won 10 or more National League Championships is also included.

The English game is covered in great detail with statistics from all four Top Flights of League Football from 1888-89 onward as well as from Non-League Football. Both Domestic Cup competitions are featured with season by season charts of the progress made by every club who has reached the last 32 in both the FA Cup from 1871-72 and the League (Carling) Cup from 1960-61. In addition, the Charity/Community Shield matches are covered and there are tables for overall performance in the League, Cups and European Trophies won by English clubs.
All International club competitions from UEFA are fully detailed as are the major South American, African and Asian club  tournaments. The history of the FIFA World Cup is well documented with unique charts showing the progress made by every country which has participated in the Finals from 1930 to 2010. International competitions are also featured from Africa, Asia and South America.
Special sections on MyFootballFacts.com also highlight the legendary players from around the world who have made special contributions to the game. There are also sections dedicated to Player of the Year awards and comprehensive stats on Premier League players appearances, goalscorers and assists as well as details of every Foreign player who has appeared in the Premier League since 1992-93.
Aspects of football finances are included and there is a fully detailed section on Scottish Football at both club and international levels.
Fully interactive databases of all 92 English League clubs and the 42 Scottish League clubs also feature on the site.
Tottenham Hotspur football club has its own special section with details about every aspect of the club’s history and players, both past and present alongside comprehensive statistics from every competition Spurs have participated in and full coverage of all the opposition Spurs have faced since 1882.
We are constantly looking to expand the scope of the site and future plans will include dedicated sections for many more clubs from the Premier League, elsewhere in Europe and beyond.
We welcome your comments and suggestions about MyFootballFacts and are happy to exchange links to sites dedicated to football.