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Current Premier League Clubs – Season 2018-19

Comprehensive statistics of all 20 current Premier League clubs including Clubs complete Premier League Match Records, Player’s Squad Numbers, All-Time Premier League Club Goalscorers, All-Time Premier League Club Appearances, Player of the Year Awards and full Match Records & Histories of games against Tottenham Hotspur

Content 1. Squad Numbers  2. Club Goalscorers  3. Club Appearances 4. Club Records

All-Time Premier League Club Squad Numbers

A.F.C. Bournemouth Squad Numbers
A.F.C. Bournemouth Players' Squad Numbers
Arsenal Squad Numbers
Arsenal FC Players' Squad Numbers
Brighton Squad Numbers
Brighton and Hove Albion Players' Squad Numbers
Burnley Players
Burnley FC Players' Squad Numbers
Cardiff City Squad Numbers
Cardiff City Squad Numbers
Chelsea Clubs
Chelsea Players' Squad Numbers
Crystal Palace Squads
Crystal Palace FC Players' Squad Numbers
Everton squad
Everton Players' Squad Numbers
Fulham FC Squad Numbers
Fulham FC Players' Squad Numbers
HuHuddersfield Squad Numbers
Huddersfield Town FC Players' Squad Numbers
Leicester city squads
Leicester City FC Players' Squad Numbers
Liverpool FC Players' Squad Numbers
Man City Squad
Manchester City Players' Squad Numbers
Manchester United Squads
Manchester United Players' Squad Numbers
Newcastle Squad Nmbers
Newcastle United Players' Squad Numbers
Southampton Players' Squad Numbers
Tottenham Squads
Tottenham Hotspur FC Players' Squad Numbers
Watford squads
Watford FC Players' Squad Numbers
West Ham United Squads
West Ham United FC Players' Squad Numbers
Wolverhampton Wanderers Squads
Wolves Players' Squad Numbers


All-Time Premier League Club Goalscorers

AFC Bournemouth Goalscorers
AFC Bournemouth Goalscorers
Arsenal FC All-Time Goalscorers
Brighton & Hove Albion Goalscorers
Burnley FC All-Time Goalscorers
Cardiff City All-Time Goalscorers
Chelsea FC All-Time Goalscorers
Crystal Palace Statistics
Crystal Palace All-Time Goalscorers
Everton Badge
Everton FC All-Time Goalscorers
Fulham FC All-Time Goalscorers
Huddersfield Town Goalscorers
Leicester City All-Time Goalscorers
Liverpool FC All-Time Goalscorers
Manchester City Goalscorers
Manchester United
Manchester United Goalscorers
Newcastle United Goalscorers
Southampton FC Goalscorers
Tottenham Hotspur Goalscorers
Watford FC All-Time Goalscorers
West Ham United Goalscorers
Wolverhampton Wanderers Goalscorers

Statistics correct to 29th October 2018 (Matchday 10)


All-Time Premier League Appearances

AFC Bournemouth Goalscorers
AFC Bournemouth Appearances
Arsenal FC Premier League Appearances
Brighton & Hove Albion Appearances
Burnley FC Premier League Appearances
Cardiff City Premier League Appearances
Chelsea FC Premier League Appearances
Crystal Palace Statistics
Crystal Palace Premier League Appearances
Everton Badge
Everton FC Premier League Appearances
Fulham FC Premier League Appearances
Huddersfield Town Appearances
Leicester City Appearances
Liverpool FC Premier League Appearances
Manchester City Appearances
Manchester United
Manchester United Appearances
Newcastle United Appearances
Southampton FC Appearances
Tottenham Hotspur Appearances
Watford FC Premier League Appearances
West Ham United Appearances
Wolverhampton Wanderers Appearances

Statistics correct to 29th October 2018 (Matchday 10)

All-Time Head to Head Premier League Record

AFC Bournemouth Goalscorers
AFC Bournemouth Premier League Record
Arsenal FC Premier League Record
Brighton & Hove Albion Premier League Record
Burnley FC Premier League Record
Cardiff City Premier League Record
Chelsea FC Premier League Record
Crystal Palace Statistics
Crystal Palace Premier League Record
Everton Badge
Everton FC Premier League Record
Fulham FC Premier League Record
Huddersfield Town Premier League Record
Leicester City Premier League Record
Liverpool FC Premier League Record
Manchester City Premier League Record
Manchester United
Manchester United Premier League Record
Newcastle United Premier League Record
Southampton FC Premier League Records
Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Record
Watford FC Premier League Record
West Ham United Premier League Record
Wolverhampton Premier League Record



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