Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC Match Records 1894-2019

Complete match record of Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC games from 1894 to 2019.

26-Dec-1894Friendly-HW3 - 0Hunter, Payne jnr, Payne snr
12-Apr-95Friendly-HW6 - 0Wilkinson, Laycock, Hunter (2), McElhaney (2)
13-Nov-1909Division 122,000HW1 - 0Middlemiss
26-Mar-10Division 115,000AL0 - 2
29-Oct-10Division 112,000AW2 - 1Minter, Humphreys
4-Mar-11Division 125,000HW1 - 0Minter
11-Nov-11Division 123,000HW2 - 0Minter, Middlemiss
16-Mar-12Division 115,000AW2 - 1Newman, Mason
2-Nov-12Division 115,000AL1 - 4Minter
8-Mar-13Division 120,000HW1 - 0Middlemiss
29-Nov-13Division 121,000AL1 - 2Cantrell
4-Apr-14Division 119,800HD0 - 0
31-Oct-14Division 112,000AL2 - 7Clay (pen), Bliss
6-Mar-15Division 112,000HD1 - 1Minter
25-Mar-21Division 140,000AD1 - 1Blis
28-Mar-21Division 135,000HW1 - 0Smith
22-Oct-21Division 131,593HL0 - 1
29-Oct-21Division 125,000AD1 - 1Dimmock
4-Nov-22Division 135,068HL2 - 4Clay (pen), Grimsdell
11-Nov-22Division 129,000AD0 - 0
29-Mar-24Division 122,000AL0 - 1
5-Apr-24Division 122,470HD1 - 1Grimsdell
13-Dec-24Division 125,604HD1 - 1Hargreaves
18-Apr-25Division 112,000AL0 - 1
24-Oct-25Division 129,952HW3 - 1Osborne (3)
6-Mar-26Division 126,355AD0 - 0
11-Dec-26Division 126,640HL1 - 2Blair
30-Apr-27Division 115,756AL0 - 1
17-Dec-27Division 121,234HW3 - 1Osborne, Elkes (2)
28-Apr-28Division 131,780AL0 - 2
23-Sep-33Division 133,080HL0 - 3
3-Feb-34Division 130,809AL1 - 3Hunt GS
15-Dec-34Division 124,688AL1 - 4O'Callaghan
27-Apr-35Division 115,613HW5 - 1Bolan, Hunt DA, Evans W (3)
6-Sep-50Division 139,015AL1 - 2Medley
5-May-51Division 149,072HW3 - 1Walters, Murphy (2)
1-Dec-51Division 151,342HL2 - 3Walters, Bennett
19-Apr-52Division 136,898AD1 - 1Duquemin
10-Sep-52Division 149,869AL1 - 2Baily
15-Sep-52Division 137,319HW3 - 1Groves (2), Harmer
12-Sep-53Division 147,535HW2 - 1Ramsay, Walters
23-Jan-54Division 143,592AD2 - 2Walters, Lock (own goal)
12-Apr-63Division 154,463AL2 - 5Jones, Dyson
15-Apr-63Division 153,727HW7 - 2Jones (2), Saul, Greaves (4, 1pen)
27-Mar-64Division 157,022HL1 - 3Norman
30-Mar-64Division 152,904AL1 - 3Mullery
28-Nov-64Division 141,198AD1 - 1Greaves
12-Mar-65Division 150,760AL0 - 1
9-Apr-65Division 128,441HW3 - 0Saul, Low, Gilzean
18-Sep-65Division 146,925HW2 - 1Clayton, Gilzean, Greaves (2)
1-Apr-67Division 153,135HW2 - 1Greaves (2)
6-May-67Division 140,845AD0 - 0
4-Nov-67Division 147,682HD1 - 1Jones
9-Mar-68F.A. Cup 554,005HD1 - 1Greaves
12-Mar-68F.A. Cup 5 Replay53,658AL1 - 2Jones
29-Apr-68Division 141,688AD1 - 1Greaves
19-Oct-68Division 144,122HW2 - 1Greaves (2)
21-Dec-68Division 143,843AL0 - 1
16-Aug-69Division 150,474HL0 - 2
7-Oct-69Division 146,518AD0 - 0
10-Oct-70Division 144,547HW1 - 0Peters
6-Mar-71F.A. Cup 654,731AD0 - 0
16-Mar-71F.A. Cup 6 Replay56,283HL0 - 1
17-Apr-71Division 146,363AD0 - 0
4-Sep-71Division 150,124HW2 - 0Chivers, Peters
18-Dec-71Division 143,409AD0 - 0
25-Nov-72Division 145,497HL1 - 2Chivers
6-Dec-72League Cup 534,565HW3 - 1Pratt, Chivers (2)
25-Mar-73UEFA SF (2L)46,919HW2 - 1Peters (2)
31-Mar-73Division 148,477AD1 - 1Gilzean
10-Apr-73UEFA SF (1L)42,174AL0 - 1
22-Sep-73Division 142,901AL2 - 3Chivers, Peters
4-Dec-73League Cup 548,677AD1 - 1Peters
8-May-74Division 124,618HD1 - 1McGrath
7-Sep-74Division 147,538AL2 - 5Perryman, Chivers
22-Mar-75Division 134,331HL0 - 2
23-Aug-75Division 142,729AL2 - 3Jones, Duncan
13-Dec-75Division 129,891HL0 - 4
18-Sep-76Division 147,421AL0 - 2
9-Mar-77Division 132,098HW1 - 0Coates
2-Sep-78Division 150,705AL0 - 7
22-Nov-78Division 150,393HD0 - 0
17-Nov-79Division 151,092AL1 - 2Jones
8-Mar-80F.A. Cup 648,033HL0 - 1
29-Mar-80Division 132,114HW2 - 0Pratt, Hoddle (pen)
6-Dec-80Division 139,545AL1 - 2Archibald
25-Apr-81Division 135,334HD1 - 1Hoddle
13-Mar-82League Cup Final100,000WemL1 - 3(a.e.t) Archibald
3-May-82Division 138,091HD2 - 2Perryman, Archibald
15-May-82Division 148,122AL1 - 3Hoddle
21-Aug-82Charity Shield82,500WemL0 - 1
27-Nov-82Division 140,691AL0 - 3
30-Apr-83Division 144,907HW2 - 0Archibald (2)
12-Nov-83Division 144,348HD2 - 2Archibald, Hoddle (pen)
10-Mar-84Division 136,718AL1 - 3Stevens
2-Jun-84Tour/RSSC-NL2 - 5Thomas, Falco (Royal Swazi Sun Challenge in Swaziland)
9-Jun-84Tour/RSSC-ND1 - 1Brazil (Royal Swazi Sun Challenge in Swaziland)
12-Oct-84Division 128,599HW1 - 0Crooks
31-Oct-84League Cup 338,690HW1 - 0Allen C
27-Jan-85F.A. Cup 427,905AL0 - 1
16-Mar-85Division 143,852AW1 - 0Crooks
28-Sep-85Division 141,521AL1 - 4Chiedozie
3-Dec-85SSS Cup Gp.14,855AL0 - 2(Screen Sport Super Cup)
14-Jan-86SSS Cup Gp.10,078HL0 - 2(Screen Sport Super Cup)
2-Mar-86Division 116,436HL1 - 2Waddle
11-Oct-86Division 143,139AW1 - 0Allen C
22-Mar-87Division 132,763HW1 - 0Waddle
28-Nov-87Division 147,362HL0 - 2
23-Apr-88Division 144,798AL0 - 1
17-Sep-88Division 140,929AD1 - 1Fenwick
26-Mar-89Division 130,012HL1 - 2Fenwick (pen)
29-Oct-89Division 126,550AL0 - 1
21-Mar-90Division 125,656HW1 - 0Stewart
4-Nov-90Division 135,003HL1 - 3Lineker
11-May-91Division 136,192AL0 - 2
18-Dec-91Division 127,434HL1 - 2Walsh
21-Mar-92Division 139,968AL1 - 2Stewart
31-Oct-92FA Prem32,917HW2 - 0Nayim, Ruddock
8-May-93FA Prem43,385AL2 - 6Sedgley, Sheringham
25-Aug-93FA Prem42,456AW2 - 1Sheringham (2, 1pen)
18-Dec-93FA Prem31,394HD3 - 3Samways, Hazard (pen), Caskey
26-Nov-94FA Prem35,007AD1 - 1Ruddock (own goal)
11-Mar-95F.A. Cup 639,582AW2 - 1Sheringham, Klinsmann
22-Mar-95FA Prem31,988HD0 - 0
26-Aug-95FA Prem31,254HL1 - 3Barnes (own goal)
3-Feb-96FA Prem40,628AD0 - 0
2-Dec-96FA Prem32,899HL0 - 2
3-May-97FA Prem40,003AL1 - 2Anderton
8-Nov-97FA Prem38,006AL0 - 4
14-Mar-98FA Prem30,245HD3 - 3Klinsmann, Ginola, Vega
10-Nov-98League Cup 420,772AW3 - 1Iversen, Scales, Nielsen
5-Dec-98FA Prem36,125HW2 - 1Fox, Carragher (own goal)
1-May-99FA Prem44,007AL2 - 3Carragher (own goal), Iversen
03-Jan-2000FA Prem36,044HW1 - 0Armstrong
9-Apr-00FA Prem44,536AL0 - 2
19-Nov-00FA Prem36,036HW2 - 1Ferdinand, Sherwood
22-Apr-01FA Prem43,547AL1 - 3Korsten
22-Sep-01FA Prem44,116AL0 - 1
27-Apr-02FA Prem36,017HW1 - 0Poyet
26-Oct-02FA Prem44,084AL1 - 2Richards
15-Mar-03FA Prem36,077HL2 - 3Taricco, Sheringham
27-Aug-03FA Prem43,778AD0 - 0
17-Jan-04FA Prem36,104HW2 - 1Keane (pen), Postiga
14-Aug-04FA Prem35,105HD1 - 1Defoe
1-Dec-04League Cup 536,100HD1 - 1(a.e.t) Defoe (Spurs lost 4-3 on pens)
16-Apr-05FA Prem44,029AD2 - 2Edman, Keane
10-Sep-05FA Prem36,148HD0 - 0
14-Jan-06FA Prem44,983AL0 - 1
23-Sep-06FA Prem44,330AL0 - 3
30-Dec-06FA Prem36,170HL0 - 1
7-Oct-07FA Prem43,986AD2 - 2Keane (2)
11-May-08FA Prem36,063HL0 - 2
1-Nov-08FA Prem36,183HW2 - 1Carragher (own goal), Pavlyuchenko
12-Nov-08League Cup 433,242HW4 - 2Pavlyuchenko (2),Campbell (2)
24-May-09FA Prem43,937AL1 - 3Keane
16-Aug-09FA Prem35,935HW2 - 1Assou-Ekotto, Bassong
9-Jan-10FA Prem42,016AL0 - 2
27-Nov-10FA Prem36,310HW2 - 1Skrtel (own goal), Lennon
15-May-11FA Prem44,893AW2 - 0Van der Vaart, Modric (pen)
18-Sep-11FA Prem36,129HW4 - 0Modric, Defoe, Adebayor (2)
6-Feb-12FA Prem44,461AD0 - 0
28-Jly-12Friendly42,723ND0 - 0(Baltimore, USA)
28-Nov-12FA Prem36,162HW2 - 1Lennon, Bale
9-Mar-13FA Prem44,752AL2 - 3Vertonghen (2)
15-Dec-13FA Prem36,069HL0 - 5
30-Mar-14FA Prem44,762AL0 - 4
31-Aug-14FA Prem36,130HL0 - 3
10-Feb-15FA Prem44,577AL2 - 3Kane, Dembele
17-Oct-15FA Prem35,926HD0 - 0
2-Apr-16FA Prem44,062AD1 - 1Kane
27-Aug-16FA Prem31,211HD1 - 1Rose
25-Oct-16League Cup 453,051AL1 - 2Janssen (pen)
11-Feb-17FA Prem53,159AL0 - 2
22-Oct-17FA Prem80,827HW4 - 1(at Wembley) Kane (2), Son, Alli
4-Feb-18FA Prem53,213AD2 - 2Wanyama, Kane (pen)
15-Sep-18FA Prem80,188HL1 - 2(at Wembley) Lamela
30-Mar-19FA PremA

#DateRoundAttnVenFA Cup OpponentsResFATottenham's Goalscorers
113-Oct-1894FA Cup Q12,000HWest Herts (Watford)W32Hunter, Goodall (2)
203-Nov-1894FA Cup Q23,000HWolvertonW53Hunter (2), Goodall, Payne (2)
324-Nov-1894FA Cup Q35,000AClaptonW40Eccles (2), Hunter, Goodall
415-Dec-1894FA Cup Q43,000HLuton TownD22Cubberley, Eccles
519-Dec-1894FA Cup Q4 Replay4,000ALuton TownL04
612-Oct-1895FA Cup Q12,000ALuton TownW21Owen, Hunter
702-Nov-1895FA Cup Q21,500AVampiresAn24Pryor, Clements (Match replayed after a complaint)
816-Nov-1895FA Cup Q2 Replay1,300HVampiresW21Hunter, Pryor
923-Nov-1895FA Cup Q32,000AIlfordW51Payne (2), Almond, Pryor (2)
1014-Dec-1895FA Cup Q42,500HOld St Stephen'sW21Clements, O'Sullivan og
111-Feb-96FA Cup 16,000AStokeL05
1212-Dec-96FA Cup Q32,000HOld St Stephen'sW40Clements (3), Payne
136-Jan-97FA Cup Q42,000HMaidenheadW60McElhaney, Newbigging (2), Payne, Crump (2)
1416-Jan-97FA Cup Q55,000ALuton TownL03
1530-Oct-97FA Cup Q34,000H2nd Coldstream GuardsW70Black, Crump, Meade (2), Joyce (2), Tannahill
1620-Nov-97FA Cup Q412,000HLuton TownL34Black, Joyce (2)
1729-Oct-98FA Cup Q33,000HWolvertonW40Bradshaw, McKay, Cameron, Joyce
1819-Nov-98FA Cup Q47,000AClaptonD11Bradshaw
1923-Nov-98FA Cup Q4 Replay2,000HClaptonW21Cameron (2)
2010-Dec-98FA Cup Q512,000HLuton TownD11Joyce
2114-Dec-98FA Cup Q5 Replay4,000ALuton TownD11Joyce
2219-Dec-98FA Cup Q5 2nd Rep8,000TPLuton TownW20Bradshaw, Cameron
2328-Jan-99FA Cup 113,721HNewton HeathD11Joyce
241-Feb-99FA Cup 1 Replay6,000ANewton HeathW53McKay, Joyce (2), McNaught, Smith
2511-Feb-99FA Cup 212,371HSunderlandW21Bradshaw, Cameron
2625-Feb-99FA Cup 325,000AStokeL14Bradshaw
2727-Jan-00FA Cup 17,000APreston North EndL01
289-Feb-01FA Cup 115,223HPreston North EndD11Brown (First ever game at White Hart Lane)
2913-Feb-01FA Cup 1 Replay6,000APreston North EndW42Cameron, Brown (3)
3023-Feb-01FA Cup 220,250HBuryW21Brown (2)
3123-Mar-01FA Cup 314,417AReadingD11Kirwan
3228-Mar-01FA Cup 3 Replay11,600HReadingW30Brown (2), Copeland
338-Apr-01FA Cup SF46,000VPWest Bromwich AlbionW40Brown (4)
3420-Apr-01FA Cup FINAL110,820CPSheffield UnitedD22Brown (2)
3527-Apr-01FA Cup FINAL REP20,470BPSheffield UnitedW31Cameron, Smith, Brown
3625-Jan-02FA Cup 125,000HSouthamptonD11Copeland
3729-Jan-02FA Cup 1 Replay10,000ASouthamptonD22(a.e.t) - Hughes (2)
383-Feb-02FA Cup 1 2nd Rep10,000EPSouthamptonL12Kirwan
397-Feb-03FA Cup 125,641HWest Bromwich AlbionD00
4011-Feb-03FA Cup 1 Replay35,000AWest Bromwich AlbionW20Dryburgh,Woodward
4121-Feb-03FA Cup 218,750HBristol CityW10Woodward
427-Mar-03FA Cup 324,500HAston VillaL23Woodward, Copeland
436-Feb-04FA Cup 125,000AEvertonW21Woodward, Balmer og
4420-Feb-04FA Cup 232,000HAston VillaAb01(Abandoned due to crowd trouble after 38 mins)
4525-Feb-04FA Cup 2 Replay30,000AAston VillaW10Jones J.
465-Mar-04FA Cup 315,500HSheffield WednesdayD11Jones J.
4710-Mar-04FA Cup 3 Replay31,000ASheffield WednesdayL02
484-Feb-05FA Cup 125,000AMiddlesbroughD11Glen
499-Feb-05FA Cup 1 Replay18,000HMiddlesbroughW10O'Hagen
5018-Feb-05FA Cup 219,013HNewcastle UnitedD11Walton
5128-Feb-05FA Cup 2 Replay26,755ANewcastle UnitedL04
5213-Jan-06FA Cup 120,000HBurnleyW20Woodward, Kyle
533-Feb-06FA Cup 226,000HReadingW32Bull, Walton, Kyle
5424-Feb-06FA Cup 328,000HBirmingham CityD11Kyle
5528-Feb-06FA Cup 3 Replay34,000ABirmingham CityL02(a.e.t)
5612-Jan-07FA Cup 127,033HHull CityD00
5717-Jan-07FA Cup 1 Replay18,000AHull CityD00(Abandoned after 10 mins of extra time, result stood)
5821-Jan-07FA Cup 1 2nd Rep20,000HHull CityW10Chapman
592-Feb-07FA Cup 224,963ABlackburn RoversD11Watson
607-Feb-07FA Cup 2 Replay29,900ABlackburn RoversD11(a.e.t) Reid
6111-Feb-07FA Cup 2 2nd Rep18,000VPBlackburn RoversW21Walton, Reid
6223-Feb-07FA Cup 325,000ANotts CountyL04
6311-Jan-08FA Cup 121,000AEvertonL01
6416-Jan-09FA Cup 120,000AManchester CityW43Morris (pen), Minter (2), Steel R
656-Feb-09FA Cup 233,008HFulhamW10Steel R
6620-Feb-09FA Cup 321,838HBurnleyD00
6724-Feb-09FA Cup 3 Replay30,000ABurnleyL13Coquet (pen)
6815-Jan-10FA Cup 110,200APlymouth ArgyleD11Humphreys
6919-Jan-10FA Cup 1 Replay17,000HPlymouth ArgyleW71Minter, Humphreys (3), Steel R, Middlemiss (2)
705-Feb-10FA Cup 231,766AChelseaW10Humphreys
7119-Feb-10FA Cup 311,818ASwindon TownL23Minter, Steel R
7214-Jan-11FA Cup 121,464HMillwallW21Minter, Carmichael og
734-Feb-11FA Cup 225,000ABlackburn RoversD00
749-Feb-11FA Cup 2 Replay26,946HBlackburn RoversL02
7513-Jan-12FA Cup 122,000AWest Bromwich AlbionL03
7611-Jan-13FA Cup 118,677HBlackpoolD11Rance
7716-Jan-13FA Cup 1 Replay16,926HBlackpoolW61Tattersall (2), Cantrell (2), Steel R, Middlemiss
781-Feb-13FA Cup 217,794AReadingL01
7910-Jan-14FA Cup 19,454ALeicester FosseD55Walden, Minter, Cantrell, Bliss (2)
8015-Jan-14FA Cup 1 Replay20,252HLeicester FosseW20Walden, Bliss
8131-Jan-14FA Cup 236,256AManchester CityL12Bliss
829-Jan-15FA Cup 117,000HSunderlandW21Walden, Bliss
8330-Jan-15FA Cup 29,758ANorwich CityL23Cantrell, Lansdale og
8410-Jan-20FA Cup 117,000ABristol RoversW41Cantrell (3), Bliss
8531-Jan-20FA Cup 235,527HWest StanleyW40Banks, Wilson (2), Bliss
8621-Feb-20FA Cup 347,642HWest Ham UnitedW30Grimsdell, Wilson (2)
876-Mar-20FA Cup 452,179HAston VillaL01
888-Jan-21FA Cup 135,175HBristol RoversW62Clay (pen), Smith, Walden, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss
8929-Jan-21FA Cup 239,048HBradford CityW40Banks, Seed (3)
9019-Feb-21FA Cup 311,600ASouthend UnitedW41Banks, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss
915-Mar-21FA Cup 451,991HAston VillaW10Banks
9219-Mar-21FA Cup SF44,668HilPreston North EndW21Bliss (2)
9323-Apr-21FA Cup FINAL72,805SBWolverhampton WanderersW10Dimmock
947-Jan-22FA Cup 112,964ABrentfordW20Seed, Cantrell
9528-Jan-22FA Cup 247,660HWatfordW10Bliss
9618-Feb-22FA Cup 353,810HManchester CityW21Wilson, Bliss
974-Mar-22FA Cup 455,000ACardiff CityD11Seed
989-Mar-22FA Cup 4 Replay53,626HCardiff CityW21Wilson, Dimmock
9925-Mar-22FA Cup SF50,095HilPreston North EndL12Seed
10013-Jan-23FA Cup 123,928HWorksop TownD00
10115-Jan-23FA Cup 1 Replay23,122HWorksop TownW90Seed, Lindsay (4), Handley (3), Dimmock
1023-Feb-23FA Cup 238,333HManchester UnitedW40Lindsay, Handley (3)
10324-Feb-23FA Cup 354,000ACardiff CityW32Seed, Lindsay, Handley
10410-Mar-23FA Cup 450,349HDerby CountyL01
10512-Jan-24FA Cup 117,000ACrystal PalaceL02
10610-Jan-25FA Cup 132,718HNorthampton TownW30Seed, Lindsay, Elkes
10731-Jan-25FA Cup 252,635HBolton WanderersD11Seed
1084-Feb-25FA Cup 2 Replay51,774ABolton WanderersW10Seed
10921-Feb-25FA Cup 354,521HBlackburn RoversD22Lane, Dimmock
11026-Feb-25FA Cup 3 Replay48,000ABlackburn RoversL13Dimmock
1119-Jan-26FA Cup 349,800HWest Ham UnitedW50Osborne (2), Dimmock (3)
11230-Jan-26FA Cup 443,653HManchester UnitedD22Thompson, Lindsay
1133-Feb-26FA Cup 4 Replay46,929AManchester UnitedL02
1148-Jan-27FA Cup 344,417AWest Ham UnitedL23Handley, Dimmock
11514-Jan-28FA Cup 336,260ABristol CityW21O'Callaghan, Osborne
11628-Jan-28FA Cup 436,828HOldham AthleticW30Handley, O'Callaghan, Dimmock
11718-Feb-28FA Cup 547,296ALeicester CityW30O'Callaghan (2), Dimmock
1183-Mar-28FA Cup 652,390AHuddersfield TownL16O'Callaghan
11912-Jan-29FA Cup 326,137AReadingL02
12011-Jan-30FA Cup 337,000HManchester CityD22Osborne, Cook
12114-Jan-30FA Cup 3 Replay37,716AManchester CityL14Thompson
12210-Jan-31FA Cup 336,549HPreston North EndW31Harper, Cook, Dimmock
12324-Jan-31FA Cup 440,850AWest Bromwich AlbionL01
1249-Jan-32FA Cup 341,511HSheffield WednesdayD22Hunt GS, Evans W
12513-Jan-32FA Cup 3 Replay30,000ASheffield WednesdayL13Hunt GS (pen)
12614-Jan-33FA Cup 316,662AOldham AthleticW60O'Callaghan, Hunt GS (3), Evans W, Brunskill og
12728-Jan-33FA Cup 417,213ALuton TownL02
12813-Jan-34FA Cup 345,637HEvertonW30Howe, Hunt GS, Evans W
12927-Jan-34FA Cup 451,747HWest Ham UnitedW41Hunt GS (2), Evans W (2)
13017-Feb-34FA Cup 544,365HAston VillaL01
13112-Jan-35FA Cup 348,983HManchester CityW10Evans W
13226-Jan-35FA Cup 461,195HNewcastle UnitedW20Hunt GS (2)
13316-Feb-35FA Cup 570,347HBolton WanderersD11Evans W
13420-Feb-35FA Cup 5 Replay47,453ABolton WanderersD11Hunt GS
13525-Feb-35FA Cup 5 2nd Rep26,692VPBolton WanderersL02
13611-Jan-36FA Cup 348,839HSouthend UnitedD44Sargent (2), Morrison (2)
13715-Jan-36FA Cup 3 Replay23,634ASouthend UnitedW21Sargent, Evans W
13825-Jan-36FA Cup 464,149HHuddersfield TownW10Howe
13915-Feb-36FA Cup 524,053ABradford Park AvenueD00
14017-Feb-36FA Cup 5 Replay35,492HBradford Park AvenueW21Hunt GS (2)
14129-Feb-36FA Cup 622,295ASheffield UnitedL13Morrison
14216-Jan-37FA Cup 332,665APortsmouthW50Morrison (3), Duncan, Miller
14330-Jan-37FA Cup 442,430HPlymouth ArgyleW10McCormick
14420-Feb-37FA Cup 557,149AEvertonD11McCormick
14522-Feb-37FA Cup 5 Replay46,972HEvertonW43Meek, Morrison (3)
1466-Mar-37FA Cup 671,913HPreston North EndL12Duncan
1478-Jan-38FA Cup 335,576HBlackburn RoversW32Sargent, Gibbons (2)
14822-Jan-38FA Cup 413,029ANew BrightonD00
14926-Jan-38FA Cup 4 Replay36,004HNew BrightonW52Morrison (2), Gibbons (2), Lyman
15012-Feb-38FA Cup 530,561AChesterfieldD22Gibbons, Miller
15116-Feb-38FA Cup 5 Replay36,994HChesterfieldW21Sargent, Morrison
1525-Mar-38FA Cup 675,038HSunderlandL01
1537-Jan-39FA Cup 334,896HWatfordW71Ward (pen), Sargent, Hall GW (2), Duncan, Miller (2)
15421-Jan-39FA Cup 442,716AWest Ham UnitedD33Sargent, Morrison, Duncan
15530-Jan-39FA Cup 4 Replay50,798HWest Ham UnitedD11Sargent
1562-Feb-39FA Cup 4 2nd Rep50,468HbWest Ham UnitedL12Morrison
15711-Jan-47FA Cup 365,681HStoke CityD22Ludford, Bennett
15815-Jan-47FA Cup 3 Replay38,631AStoke CityL01
15910-Jan-48FA Cup 337,075ABolton WanderersW20(a.e.t) Duquemin (2)
16024-Jan-48FA Cup 471,853HWest Bromwich AlbionW31Cox, Duquemin (2)
16128-Jan-48FA Cup 628,425ASouthamptonW10Bennett
1627-Feb-48FA Cup 569,049HLeicester CityW52Cox (pen), Jordan (3), South og
16313-Mar-48FA Cup SF70,687VPBlackpoolL13Duquemin
1648-Jan-49FA Cup 347,314AArsenalL03
1657-Jan-50FA Cup 347,000AStoke CityW10Baily
16624-Jan-50FA Cup 466,246HSunderlandW51Walters (2), Bennett (2), Medley
16711-Feb-50FA Cup 572,921AEvertonL01
1686-Jan-51FA Cup 325,390AHuddersfield TownL02
16912-Jan-52FA Cup 322,652AScunthorpe UnitedW30Baily, Duquemin (2)
1702-Feb-52FA Cup 469,009HNewcastle UnitedL03
17110-Jan-53FA Cup 321,537ATranmere RoversD11Bennett
17212-Jan-53FA Cup 3 Replay31,541HTranmere RoversW91McClellan (3), Duquemin (2), Hollis (2), Baily (2)
17331-Jan-53FA Cup 434,956APreston North EndD22Withers (2)
1744-Feb-53FA Cup 4 Replay55,601HPreston North EndW10Duquemin
17514-Feb-53FA Cup 536,995AHalifax TownW30Bennett (2), Duquemin
17628-Feb-53FA Cup 652,348ABirmingham CityD11Bennett
1774-Mar-53FA Cup 6 Replay59,543HBirmingham CityD22Bennett,Duquemin
1789-Mar-53FA Cup 6 2nd Rep50,801MolBirmingham CityW10Walters
17921-Mar-53FA Cup SF68,221VPBlackpoolL12Duquemin
1809-Jan-54FA Cup 341,645ALeeds UnitedD33Walters, Bennett (2)
18113-Jan-54FA Cup 3 Replay35,023HLeeds UnitedW10Bennett
18230-Jan-54FA Cup 451,182AManchester CityW10Bennett
18320-Feb-54FA Cup 546,839AHull CityD11Bennett
18424-Feb-54FA Cup 5 Replay52,934HHull CityW20Walters, Baily
18513-Mar-54FA Cup 651,049AWest Bromwich AlbionL03
1863-Jan-55FA Cup 318,842AGatesheadW20Brooks (2)
18728-Jan-55FA Cup 450,684HPort ValeW42Gavin, Duquemin, Brooks (2)
18819-Feb-55FA Cup 521,000AYork CityL13Robb
1897-Jan-56FA Cup 346,185HBoston UnitedW40Duquemin, Smith R (2),Robb
19028-Jan-56FA Cup 441,895HMiddlesbroughW31Norman, Dunmore, Robb
19118-Feb-56FA Cup 530,436ADoncaster RoversW20Brooks, Smith R
1923-Mar-56FA Cup 669,118HWest Ham UnitedD33Harmer (pen), Duquemin, Robb
1938-Mar-56FA Cup 6 Replay34,911AWest Ham UnitedW21Harmer, Duquemin
19417-Mar-56FA Cup SF69,788VPManchester CityL01
1955-Jan-57FA Cup 356,492HLeicester CityW20Blanchflower, Robb
19626-Jan-57FA Cup 466,398HChelseaW40Medwin, Harmer, Smith R, Stokes
19716-Feb-57FA Cup 525,892ABournemouth & Boscombe AthL13Medwin
1984-Jan-58FA Cup 342,716HLeicester CityW40Medwin, Smith R (2), Stokes
19925-Jan-58FA Cup 451,136HSheffield UnitedL03
20010-Jan-59FA Cup 356,252HWest Ham UnitedW20Smith R, Jones
20131-Jan-59FA Cup 450,561HNewport CountyW41Smith R (2), Dunmore (2)
20214-Feb-59FA Cup 567,633HNorwich CityD11Jones
20318-Feb-59FA Cup 5 Replay38,000ANorwich CityL01
2049-Jan-60FA Cup 322,655ANewport CountyW40Blanchflower, Smith R, Allen (2)
20530-Jan-60FA Cup 420,000ACrewe AlexandraD22Allen, Jones
2063-Feb-60FA Cup 4 Replay64,365HCrewe AlexandraW132Harmer, Smith R (4), Allen (5), Jones (3, 1pen)
20720-Feb-60FA Cup 554,745HBlackburn RoversL13Jones
2087-Jan-61FA Cup 354,969HCharlton AthleticW32Allen (2), Dyson
20928-Jan-61FA Cup 463,721HCrewe AlexandraW51Mackay, Jones, Smith R, Allen, Dyson
21018-Feb-61FA Cup 565,474AAston VillaW20Jones, Neil og
2114-Mar-61FA Cup 661,236ASunderlandD11Jones
2128-Mar-61FA Cup 6 Replay64,797HSunderlandW50Mackay, Smith R, Allen, Dyson (2)
21318-Mar-61FA Cup SF69,968VPBurnleyW30Jones, Smith R (2)
2146-May-61FA Cup FINAL100,000WLeicester CityW20Smith R, Dyson
2156-Jan-62FA Cup 346,096ABirmingham CityD33Greaves (2), Jones
21610-Jan-62FA Cup 3 Replay62,917HBirmingham CityW42Medwin (2), Allen, Greaves
21727-Jan-62FA Cup 440,040APlymouth ArgyleW51Medwin, White, Greaves (2), Jones
21817-Feb-62FA Cup 553,539AWest Bromwich AlbionW42Smith R (2), Greaves (2)
21910-Mar-62FA Cup 664,000HAston VillaW20Blanchflower, Jones
22031-Mar-62FA Cup SF65,000HilManchester UnitedW31Medwin, Greaves, Jones
2215-May-62FA Cup FINAL100,000WBurnleyW31Blanchflower (pen), Smith R, Greaves
22216-Jan-63FA Cup 332,756HBurnleyL03
2235-Jan-64FA Cup 349,382HChelseaD11Dyson
2248-Jan-64FA Cup 3 Replay70,123AChelseaL02
2259-Jan-65FA Cup 320,000ATorquay UnitedD33Norman, Gilzean (2)
22618-Jan-65FA Cup 3 Replay55,081HTorquay UnitedW51Robertson, Greaves (3), Gilzean
22730-Jan-65FA Cup 443,992HIpswich TownW50Greaves (3, 1pen), Gilzean (2)
22820-Feb-65FA Cup 563,205AChelseaL01
22922-Jan-66FA Cup 337,349HMiddlesbroughW40Mackay (2, 1pen), Saul (2)
23012-Feb-66FA Cup 450,611HBurnleyW43Gilzean (3), Saul
2315-Mar-66FA Cup 536,792APreston North EndL12Greaves
23228-Jan-67FA Cup 341,260AMillwallD00
2331-Feb-67FA Cup 3 Replay58,189HMillwallW10Gilzean
23418-Feb-67FA Cup 457,910HPortsmouthW31Greaves, Gilzean (2)
23511-Mar-67FA Cup 554,610HBristol CityW20Greaves (2, 1pen)
2368-Apr-67FA Cup 651,500ABirmingham CityD00
23712-Apr-67FA Cup 6 Replay52,304HBirmingham CityW60Greaves (2), Gilzean, Venables (2), Saul
23829-Apr-67FA Cup SF55,000HilNottingham ForestW21Greaves, Saul
23920-May-67FA Cup Final100,000WChelseaW21Robertson, Saul
24027-Jan-68FA Cup 363,500AManchester UnitedD22Chivers (2)
24131-Jan-68FA Cup 3 Replay57,200HManchester UnitedW10(a.e.t) Robertson
24217-Feb-68FA Cup 447,088HPreston North EndW31Greaves (2), Chivers
2439-Mar-68FA Cup 554,005HLiverpoolD11Greaves
24412-Mar-68FA Cup 5 Replay53,658ALiverpoolL12Jones
2454-Jan-69FA Cup 318,779AWalsallW10Greaves
24625-Jan-69FA Cup 448,985HWolverhampton WanderersW21Johnson, Greaves
24712-Feb-69FA Cup 549,986HAston VillaW32England, Greaves (2, 1pen)
2481-Mar-69FA Cup 648,872AManchester CityL01
2493-Jan-70FA Cup 323,000ABradford CityD22Greaves, Morgan
2507-Jan-70FA Cup 3 Replay36,039HBradford CityW50Pearce (2), Greaves (2), Morgan
25124-Jan-70FA Cup 443,948HCrystal PalaceD00
25228-Jan-70FA Cup 4 Replay45,980ACrystal PalaceL01
2532-Jan-71FA Cup 334,170HSheffield WednesdayW41Mullery (pen), Gilzean (2), Peters
25423-Jan-71FA Cup 425,369ACarlisle UnitedW32Gilzean, Peters, Neighbour
25513-Feb-71FA Cup 546,366HNottingham ForestW21Gilzean, Chivers
2566-Mar-71FA Cup 654,731ALiverpoolD00
25716-Mar-71FA Cup 6 Replay56,283HLiverpoolL01
25815-Jan-72FA Cup 333,702HCarlisle UnitedD11Gilzean
25918-Jan-72FA Cup 3 Replay21,560ACarlisle UnitedW31Gilzean, Chivers (2)
2605-Feb-72FA Cup 436,903HRotherham UnitedW20Gilzean, Peters
26126-Feb-72FA Cup 550,511AEvertonW20Gilzean, Peters
26218-Mar-72FA Cup 643,937ALeeds UnitedL12Pratt
26313-Jan-73FA Cup 38,500AMargateW60Knowles, Pratt, Pearce, Chivers (2), Peters
2643-Feb-73FA Cup 437,895ADerby CountyD11Chivers
2657-Feb-73FA Cup 4 Replay52,736HDerby CountyL35(a.e.t) England (pen), Gilzean, Chivers
2665-Jan-74FA Cup 328,280ALeicester CityL01
2674-Jan-75FA Cup 323,355ANottingham ForestD11Chivers
2688-Jan-75FA Cup 3 Replay27,996HNottingham ForestL01
2693-Jan-76FA Cup 326,715HStoke CityD11Duncan
2708-Jan-76FA Cup 3 Replay29,751AStoke CityL12Perryman
2718-Jan-77FA Cup 327,868ACardiff CityL01
2727-Jan-78FA Cup 343,731HBolton WanderersD22Hoddle, Duncan
27310-Jan-78FA Cup 3 Replay31,314ABolton WanderersL12(a.e.t) Taylor (pen)
27410-Jan-79FA Cup 331,081HAltrinchamD11Taylor (pen)
27516-Jan-79FA Cup 3 Replay27,878MRAltrinchamW30Lee (3)
27612-Feb-79FA Cup 427,120HWrexhamD33Hoddle, Jones, Roberts og
27721-Feb-79FA Cup 4 Replay16,050AWrexhamW32(a.e.t) Jones (3)
27828-Feb-79FA Cup 516,097AOldham AthleticW10Perryman
27910-Mar-79FA Cup 651,800HManchester UnitedD11Ardiles
28014-Mar-79FA Cup 6 Replay54,510AManchester UnitedL02
2815-Jan-80FA Cup 345,207HManchester UnitedD11Ardiles
2829-Jan-80FA Cup 3 Replay53,762AManchester UnitedW10(a.e.t) Ardiles
28326-Jan-80FA Cup 426,000ASwindon TownD00
28430-Jan-80FA Cup 4 Replay46,707HSwindon TownW21Armstrong (2)
28516-Feb-80FA Cup 549,936HBirmingham CityW31Armstrong, Hoddle (2, 1pen)
2868-Mar-80FA Cup 648,033HLiverpoolL01
2873-Jan-81FA Cup 328,829AQueens Park RangersD00
2887-Jan-81FA Cup 3 Replay36,294HQueens Park RangersW31Galvin, Hoddle, Crooks
28924-Jan-81FA Cup 437,532HHull CityW20Archibald, Brooke
29014-Feb-81FA Cup 536,688HCoventry CityW31Hughton, Ardiles, Archibald
2917-Mar-81FA Cup 640,629HExeter CityW20Miller, Roberts
29211-Apr-81FA Cup SF40,174HilWolverhampton WanderersD22Archibald, Hoddle
29315-Apr-81FA Cup SF Replay52,539HbWolverhampton WanderersW30Crooks (2), Villa
2949-May-81FA Cup FINAL100,000WManchester CityD11Hutchinson og
29514-May-81FA Cup FINAL REP96,000WManchester CityW32Villa (2), Crooks
2962-Jan-82FA Cup 338,421HArsenalW10Crooks
29723-Jan-82FA Cup 446,126HLeeds UnitedW10Crooks
29813-Feb-82FA Cup 543,419HAston VillaW10Falco
2996-Mar-82FA Cup 642,557AChelseaW32Hazard, Archibald, Hoddle
3003-Apr-82FA Cup SF46,606VPLeicester CityW20Crooks, Wilson og.
30122-May-82FA Cup FINAL100,000WQueens Park RangersD11Hoddle
30227-May-82FA Cup FINAL REP92,000WQueens Park RangersW10Hoddle (pen)
3038-Jan-83FA Cup 338,040ASouthamptonW10Hazard
30429-Jan-83FA Cup 438,208HWest Bromwich AlbionW21Gibson, Crooks
30519-Feb-83FA Cup 542,995AEvertonL02
3067-Jan-84FA Cup 323,398AFulhamD00
30711-Jan-84FA Cup 3 Replay32,898HFulhamW20Roberts, Archibald
30828-Jan-84FA Cup 437,792HNorwich CityD00
3091-Feb-84FA Cup 4 Replay26,811ANorwich CityL12Falco
3105-Jan-85FA Cup 329,029HCharlton AthleticD11Crooks
31123-Jan-85FA Cup 3 Replay21,406ACharlton AthleticW21Falco, Galvin
31227-Jan-85FA Cup 427,905ALiverpoolL01
3134-Jan-86FA Cup 310,638AOxford UnitedD11Chiedozie
3148-Jan-86FA Cup 3 Replay19,136HOxford UnitedW21(a.e.t) Waddle, Allen C
31525-Jan-86FA Cup 417,546ANotts CountyD11Allen C
31629-Jan-86FA Cup 4 Replay17,393HNotts CountyW50Chiedozie, Falco, Allen C, Hoddle, Waddle
3174-Mar-86FA Cup 523,338HEvertonL12Falco
31810-Jan-87FA Cup 319,339HScunthorpe UnitedW32Mabbutt, Waddle, Claesen
31931-Jan-87FA Cup 429,603HCrystal PalaceW40Mabbutt, Allen C (pen), Claesen, O'Reilly og
32021-Feb-87FA Cup 538,033HNewcastle UnitedW10Allen C (pen)
32115-Mar-87FA Cup 615,636AWimbledonW20Waddle, Hoddle
32211-Apr-87FA Cup SF46,151VPWatfordW41Hodge (2), Allen C, Allen P
32316-May-87FA Cup FINAL98,000WCoventry CityL23Allen C, Mabbutt
3249-Jan-88FA Cup 316,931AOldham AthleticW42Thomas, Allen C (2), Waddle
32530-Jan-88FA Cup 420,045APort ValeL12Ruddock
3269-Jan-89FA Cup 315,917ABradford CityL01
3276-Jan-90FA Cup 333,134HSouthamptonL13Howells
3285-Jan-91FA Cup 39,563ABlackpoolW10Stewart
32926-Jan-91FA Cup 431,665HOxford UnitedW42Mabbutt, Gasgoigne (2), Lineker
33016-Feb-91FA Cup 526,049APortsmouthW21Gasgoigne (2)
33110-Mar-91FA Cup 629,686HNotts CountyW21Nayim, Gasgoigne
33214-Apr-91FA Cup SF77,893WArsenalW31Gasgoigne, Lineker (2)
33318-May-91FA Cup FINAL80,000WNottingham ForestW21(a.e.t) Stewart, Walker og.
3345-Jan-92FA Cup 329,316AAston VillaD00
33514-Jan-92FA Cup 3 Replay25,462HAston VillaL01
3362-Jan-93FA Cup 326,636A*Marlow (*at White Hart Lane)W51Barmby (2), Samways (2), Sheringham
33724-Jan-93FA Cup 415,005ANorwich CityW20Sheringham (2)
33814-Feb-93FA Cup 526,529HWimbledonW32Anderton, Sheringham, Barmby
3397-Mar-93FA Cup 634,050AManchester CityW42Nayim (3), Sedgley
3404-Apr-93FA Cup SF76,263WArsenalL01
3418-Jan-94FA Cup 319,169APeterborough UnitedD11Dozzell
34219-Jan-94FA Cup 3 Replay24,893HPeterborough UnitedD11Barmby (won on 5-4 Penalties)
34329-Jan-94FA Cup 422,539AIpswich TownL03
3447-Jan-95FA Cup 325,057HAltringhamW30Sheringham, Rosenthal, Nethercott
34529-Jan-95FA Cup 421,135ASunderlandW41Klinsmann (2, 1pen), Sheringham, Melville og
34618-Feb-95FA Cup 528,091HSouthamptonD11Klinsmann
3471-Mar-95FA Cup 5 Replay15,172ASouthamptonW62(a.e.t) Rosenthal (3), Sheringham, Barmby, Anderton
34811-Mar-95FA Cup 639,582ALiverpoolW21Sheringham, Klinsmann
3499-Apr-95FA Cup SF38,226EREvertonL14Klinsmann (pen)
3506-Jan-96FA Cup 38,806AHereford UnitedD11Rosenthal
35117-Jan-96FA Cup 3 Replay31,534HHereford UnitedW51Sheringham (3), Armstrong (2)
35227-Jan-96FA Cup 432,812HWolverhampton WanderersD11Wilson
3537-Feb-96FA Cup 4 Replay27,846AWolverhampton WanderersW20Rosenthal, Sheringham
35414-Feb-96FA Cup 5xANottingham ForestAb00(match abandoned due to snowstorm)
35528-Feb-96FA Cup 518,600ANottingham ForestD22Armstrong (2)
3569-Mar-96FA Cup 5 Replay31,055HNottingham ForestD11Sheringham (Lost 1-3 on penalties)
3575-Jan-97FA Cup 352,495AManchester UnitedL02
3585-Jan-98FA Cup 327,909HFulhamW31Clemence, Calderwood, Brady
35926-Jan-98FA Cup 428,722HBarnsleyD11Campbell
3604-Feb-98FA Cup 4 Replay18,220ABarnsleyL13Ginola
3612-Jan-99FA Cup 336,022HWatfordW52Iversen (2), Anderton (pen), Nielsen, Fox
36223-Jan-99FA Cup 422,229AWimbledonD11Ginola
3632-Feb-99FA Cup 4 Replay24,049HWimbledonW30Sinton, Nielsen (2)
36413-Feb-99FA Cup 539,696ALeeds UnitedD11Sherwood
36524-Feb-99FA Cup 5 Replay32,307HLeeds UnitedW20Anderton, Ginola
36616-Mar-99FA Cup 618,793ABarnsleyW10Ginola
36711-Apr-99FA Cup SF53,609OTNewcastle UnitedL02(a.e.t)
36812-Dec-99FA Cup 333,116HNewcastle UnitedD11Iversen
36923-Dec-99FA Cup 3 Replay35,415ANewcastle UnitedL16Ginola
3706-Jan-01FA Cup 312,336ALeyton OrientW10Doherty
3717-Feb-01FA Cup 418,101ACharlton AthleticW42Rufus og, Anderton, Leonhardsen, Rebrov
37217-Feb-01FA Cup 536,040HStockport CountyW40King, Davies (2), Flynn og
37311-Mar-01FA Cup 626,048AWest Ham UnitedW32Rebrov (2), Doherty
3749-Apr-01FA Cup SF63,050OTArsenalL12Doherty
37516-Jan-02FA Cup 320,758ACoventry CityW20Poyet, Ferdinand
37626-Jan-02FA Cup 427,093HBolton WanderersW40Anderton (pen), Iversen, Etherington, Barness og
37717-Feb-02FA Cup 530,696HTranmere RoversW40Ziege, Poyet (2), Sheringham
37810-Mar-02FA Cup 632,896HChelseaL04
3794-Jan-03FA Cup 325,589ASouthamptonL04
3803-Jan-04FA Cup 332,340HCrystal PalaceW30Kanoute (3)
38125-Jan-04FA Cup 447,000AManchester CityD11Doherty
3823-Feb-04FA Cup 4 Replay30,400HManchester CityL34King, Keane, Ziege
3838-Jan-05FA Cup 336,094HBrighton & HAW21King, Keane
38429-Jan-05FA Cup 422,441AWest Bromwich AlbionD11Defoe (pen)
38512-Feb-05FA Cup 4 Replay27,860HWest Bromwich AlbionW31Keane (pen), Defoe (2)
38619-Feb-05FA Cup 535,640HNottingham ForestD11Defoe
3872-Mar-05FA Cup 5 Replay35,640ANottingham ForestW30Pamarot, Keane, Mido
38813-Mar-05FA Cup 651,307ANewcastle UnitedL01
3898-Jan-06FA Cup 319,844ALeicester CityL23Jenas, Stalteri
3906-Jan-07FA Cup 320,376ACardiff CityD00
39117-Jan-07FA Cup 3 Replay27,641HCardiff CityW40Lennon, Keane, Malbranque, Defoe
39227-Jan-07FA Cup 433,406HSouthend UnitedW31Keane, Jenas, Mido
39318-Feb-07FA Cup 518,655AFulhamW40Keane 2, Berbatov 2
39411-Mar-07FA Cup 641,517AChelseaD33Berbatov, Essien og, Ghaly
39519-Mar-07FA Cup 6 Replay35,519HChelseaL12Keane
3965-Jan-08FA Cup 335,243HReadingD22Berbatov (2)
39715-Jan-08FA Cup 3 Replay22,130AReadingW10Keane
39827-Jan-08FA Cup 475,369AManchester UnitedL13Keane
3992-Jan-09FA Cup 334,040HWigan AthleticW31Pavlyuchenko (2, 1p), Modric
40024-Jan-09FA Cup 475,014AManchester UnitedL12Pavlyuchenko
4012-Jan-10FA Cup 335,862HPeterborough UnitedW40Kranjcar (2), Defoe, Keane (p)
40223-Jan-10FA Cup 435,750HLeeds UnitedD22Crouch, Pavlyuchenko
4033-Feb-10FA Cup 4 Replay37,704ALeeds UnitedW31Defoe (3)
40414-Feb-10FA Cup 513,596ABolton WanderersD11Defoe
40524-Feb-10FA Cup 5 Replay31,436HBolton WanderersW40Pavlyuchenko (2), Jaaskelainen og, O'Brien og
4066-Mar-10FA Cup 624,533AFulhamD00
40724-Mar-10FA Cup 6 Replay35,432HFulhamW31Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Gudjohnsen
40811-Apr-10FA Cup SF84,602WPortsmouthL02
4099-Jan-11FA Cup 335,698HCharlton AthleticW30Townsend, Defoe (2)
41030-Jan-11FA Cup 421,829AFulhamL04
4117-Jan-12FA Cup 335,672HCheltenham TownW30Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Dos Santos
41227-Jan-12FA Cup 415,384AWatfordW10Van der Vaart
41319-Feb-12FA Cup 56,332AStevenageD00
4147-Mar-12FA Cup 5 Replay35,757HStevenageW31Defoe (2), Adebayor
41517-Mar-12FA Cup 634,541HBolton WanderersAb11Match abandoned after 41 minutes Walker
41627-Mar-12FA Cup 630,718HBolton WanderersW31Nelsen, Bale, Saha
41715-Apr-12FA Cup SF85,731WChelseaL15Bale
4185-Jan-13FA Cup 335,766HCoventry CityW30Dempsey (2), Bale
41927-Jan-13FA Cup 429,943ALeeds UnitedL12Dempsey
4204-Jan-14FA Cup 359,476AArsenalL02
4215-Jan-15FA Cup 39,348ABurnleyD11Chadli
42214-Jan-15FA Cup 3 Replay24,367HBurnleyW42Paulinho, Capoue, Chiriches, Rose
42324-Jan-15FA Cup 435,548HLeicester CityL12Townsend
42410-Jan-16FA Cup 335,805HLeicester CityD22Eriksen, Kane (pen)
42520-Jan-16FA Cup 3 Replay30,006ALeicester CityW20Son, Chadli
42630-Jan-16FA Cup 49,920AColchester UnitedW41Chadli (2), Dier, Carroll
42721-Feb-16FA Cup 535,547HCrystal PalaceL01
4288-Jan-17FA Cup 331,182HAston VillaW20Davies, Son
42928-Jan-17FA Cup 431,440HWycombe WanderersW43Son (2), Janssen (pen), Alli
43019-Feb-17FA Cup 522,557AFulhamW30Kane (3)
43112-Mar-17FA Cup 631,137HMillwallW60Eriksen, Son (3), Alli, Janssen
43222-Apr-17FA Cup SF86,355WChelseaL24Kane, Alli
4337-Jan-18FA Cup 347,527WAFC WimbledonW30(at Wembley Stadium) Kane (2), Vertonghen
43427-Jan-18FA Cup 49,836ANewport CountyD11Kane
4357-Feb-18FA Cup 4 Replay38,947WNewport CountyW20Butler OG, Lamela
43618-Feb-18FA Cup 58,480ARochdaleD22Moura, Kane (pen)
43728-Feb-18FA Cup 5 Replay24,627WRochdaleW61(at Wembley) Son (2), Llorente (3) Walker-Peters
43817-Mar-18FA Cup 617,498ASwansea CityW30Eriksen (2), Lamela
43921-Apr-18FA Cup SF84,667WManchester UnitedL12(at Wembley) Alli
4404-Jan-19FA Cup 312,553ATranmere RoversA70Aurier (2), Llorente (3), Son, Kane
44125-Jan-19FA Cup 419,491ACrystal PalaceL02

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