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Article: Gordon Banks and the Class of '66 by Brian Beard
Article: How Qatar Became Champions of Asia by Brian Beard
Article: Big Week for Manchester City as Title Battle Rolls On
Article: Why Does the United Arab Emirates have a Rivalry with Qatar?
Article: 2019 UEFA Champions League Round of 16
Article: 2018 FIFA Club World Cup United Arab Emirates
Article: 2019 Asian Cup United Arab Emirates Preview & Predictions
Article: From Compton to Holt: Footballers who have Shone in other Sports
Rich Football Teams
Article: The Top 20 Richest Football Teams of 2018 by KPMG
Barcelona fancied to knock Spurs out of the Champions League
Article: UEFA Nations League Semi-Finals Preview & Predictions
Article: 2018 Football League (Carabao) Cup Quarter Final Predictions
Article: England`s Rosy Future - Under 21's & Under 20's Shine in 2018
Article: Goals on the Cards as Tottenham go Head-to-Head with Chelsea
World Cup Qatar
Article: Qatar’s Dedication to Workers’ Rights - World Cup 2022
Qatar 2022 World Cup Finals
Article: Four Year Countdown to Qatar 2022 World Cup Finals
Football League Cup Fourth Round Preview & Predictions
Article: Football League (Carabao) Cup 4th Round Preview & Predictions
Premier League Predictions
Article: Manchester City Fancied to March on Against Liverpool
UEFA Champions Leauge Results
Article: Champions League 2018-19 Preview & Predictions
2018 UEFA Europa League Group Stage
2018 UEFA Europa League Group Stage Preview & Predictions
2018 UEFA Champions League Group Stage
2018 UEFA Champions League Group Stage Preview & Predictions
Airline Sponsors
FIFA and Airline Sponsorship by Brian Beard
Gaming Companies
Gaming Companies Sponsoring Football Clubs by Gareth McGray
Chinese Football
Article: Chinese Super League Written by Matt Davis
Article: Big Sam - England`s Last Hope? by Brian Beard
Article: AFC Final Asian Qualifying Round for Russia 2018
England Football 1966
1966 And All That - 50th Anniversary of England's World Cup Win
Qatar Football Stars
Article: Qatar Stars at the 2022 FIFA World Cup by Brian Beard
World Stars at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals by Brian Beard
England Football Star
England Stars at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals by Brian Beard
Football Players on Loan
Article: Is the Player Loan System being Abused? by Brian Beard
Football Video
Should video technology usage be increased for major football matches?
Article: National Sports Day Around the World by Brian Beard
Article: Development of Arab Football by Brian Beard
Arab football
Article: Top 10 Arab Football Players by Brian Beard
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